Franchise Opportunity

By challenging a tradition-bound industry and having the courage to dare to do otherwise, we protrude in a way that customers appreciate. We have achieved success in all the areas in which we established our operations and our unique method has enabled us to give our customers the best return year after year.

During the next years, we aim to open at least 100 new franchises, with over 300 offices and 2000 agents. Our belief is that the person who runs and owns the business you work in cares to a greater extent about both customer satisfaction and profitability. We build our business with many associates, unlike traditional brokerages where one person owns the business and the others are employed.

Starting a new business can be a major challenge for most people. We will therefore offer a turnkey solution where anyone who wants to become a partner acquires shares in the company that has already started up and can, from the start, work with their strengths – by selling exclusive properties.

Furthermore, our model is completely market-unique in that Nohara Estates International offers any partner a substantial compensation if the company achieves its goals. You are welcome to contact us if you believe you are or have the potential to become one of the country’s best real estate agents with part ownership in the Nohara Estates Franchise.

Nohara Franchise
Dr. Dougan U. Sivri, Nohara Estates’ Franchise Executive, describes the opportunity with following:

My mission is to find the right people who want to build their future in Nohara Estates with us, and who want to share our vision and develop our successful concept. We are a global franchise where many different business cultures meet as a mutual face to the public. It’s all about finding the right personalities. Those who are as passionate as we are, but at the same time, see the benefits of having someone that shows the way and points out the direction. Who sees the benefits of being part of a broader context in which one learns, is inspired and developed by one another. Where your experience and knowledge can be shared by someone working in a different market, maybe in another part of the world, we all work towards the same goal; to fulfil our customers’ wishes to find their dream home. No matter what the hopes look like and where the customer is, we should be able to achieve them.

It is one of the challenges as a franchisor to find precisely the people who share our views on how to do this in the best way. This is precisely what I am passionate about, finding, and welcoming more successful employees to our organization. I have been in the real estate business for many years, and now I have taken the step from selling dream homes to finding the best team members to our global team. While you do what you do best in your local market, I make sure you have the support you need to achieve your desired success.

Nohara Estates is continually growing, and our plan for the coming years is grand. We establish Nohara Estates in new markets, and the organization is continuously embracing new members. Are you one of them? Welcome to Nohara Estates!

Nohara Estates International