Our Headquarters

Gold Tower in Cyprus

Together with Carrington Development, Nohara Estates International has developed a new construction project in Kyrenia City, Cyprus. Gold Tower’s several rental apartments form the three main parts of the new building.

The New Headquarters

This new building complex houses the Nohara Estates International headquarters – with a total area of 13.200 square metres. “The new corporate headquarters will be the brand house, where people can experience the Nohara Estates International brand,” says Mikael Kristensson, founder and CEO of Nohara Estates International. It will be a place of intense activity for employees and visitors. The entrance area – the atrium – is reminiscent of the lobby of a 5-star hotel. Elegance, clean lines and a bar can be found here. The other five floors are used as office spaces. The in-house Nohara Estates International Academy is also located on these floors.

State of the art facilities and latest technology

Working with views over the Mediterranean Sea is a dream for many. Staff at the new corporate headquarters can enjoy this view from their desks. The new headquarters offer spaces for 400 people on five floors. State-of-the-art facilities and the latest technology provide employees with a workplace in a class of its own. Digital monitors with webcams and conference rooms with jam boards and touch panels – only some of the technical features of the new company headquarters.

Experience Nohara Estates International

Visit us and experience Nohara Estates firsthand. Browse our coffee table books, Nohara Estates International Magazines, and international real estate listings. Find out what an acquisition box is and what content our marketing tool book holds in store for you. Discover our services – clearly set out in a brochure. You’ll get an insight into the various areas of the company – and be amazed! the new company headquarters.

Nohara Estates Headquarters 3
ATRIUM – The heart of the new headquarters

A two-story lobby is the focal point of the new company headquarters. The entrance area extends from the ground floor to the first floor, with five more floors of office space. The atrium is a multi-purpose space. It is used for company purposes, such as meetings and interaction between employees and for large-scale events. Further the lobby is also open to external visitors who want to find out more about Nohara Estates International and experience the brand at first hand.

Visit us in the shop next door – Nohara Estates International Property Shop

Nohara Estates International has opened its second new location in Kyrenia centre. In addition to the existing property shop in Kyrenia, there is now also a shop inside the new headquarters. We can offer our customers the complete portfolio of Nohara Estates International and we’ll be happy to advise you and look forward to your visit.

Nohara Estates International